Did you know that a garage clean-up can be performed in just a span of one weekend? However, that’s provided that you know how to do it properly. If you have no idea how to make it easier for you to clean your garage, follow the steps below: 

Come up with a plan  

Before starting to clean up your garage, you need to come up with a cleaning strategy. Take time to think about what you would like to be completed after cleaning. What’s your ultimate goal for doing a garage cleanup? Do you plan to move out all of your things and set up a new storage system or do you simply want to declutter? This step does not have to take a long time. All you have to do is simply take down notes about your plans on why you’re having a garage cleanup. Decide where you want to position the things that you plan to keep. However, make sure that you won’t start doing a project that you think you cannot complete by yourself. 

Take out the trash 

As soon as you establish your cleaning strategy, you should begin by taking out any unsolicited items or any trash from your garage. You can also opt for a bin rental, where you can place the things that you like to be hauled and dispose of. Doing so can help you clear out your area conveniently while sorting through things. You need to pick a professional junk removal company since they can offer you different sizes of bins that can be perfect for any job you want to use them for.  

Sort out your things 

After you take out your unwanted items, clutter, and garbage from your garage, you need to start sorting out what’s leftover. Make heaps of related items so that they can be stored and clustered together when the time comes. For instance, you should put gardening items in one pile, sports equipment in another pile, tools in the other, etc. Once you’re finished doing this step, your things are now compiled and clustered accordingly.  

Put away your items bit by bit 

Use your established plan in step 1 and the clusters of items from step 3. Then, begin to place your things in the right areas by handling them one part at a time. 

Labe It 

As soon as you’re finished sorting out all your belongings into their respective places in your garage, now’s the time to start labeling your area. You don’t have to label the things that you’re hanging up, like the tools on a pegboard. But you need to label other items that are going into the containers or bins so that you can easily find them if necessary.  

Remove it 

As soon as you’ve organized, labeled, and stored your garage items, you should bid your final farewell to the clutter that you’re taking out. Once you rent a dumpster bin, you only have to contact a certified junk removalist to let them know that you’re done and have the bins hauled by them.